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Payment methods from to hosts in Lebanon

i am a frequent flyer ranked at and every time i need to make a new reservation, i must use my credit card credentials, which is very Logical.

well, in counterpart,

i tried to post one or two of my properties in Lebanon for hosting on but i received a ton of fake reservations, just for the sake that YOU do not oblige the guest who is booking to Lebanon, to use his credit card and secure the reservation ( from the point of view of the Host ) 

i do partner with AirBnB and i do put the rules of reservation for the potential guests! why at, You do not apply a similar policy, in order to reassure me to re-initiate partnership with you, in hosting.


Leandri Klopper

Hi Riad Bachir ,

Your problem sounds like a Restriction which can be lifted. For how long was your property listed? is strict with security and sometimes don't give the Higher Security functions to the property if it is still very new on

Have you tried contacting to hear if they can activate it for you?

Best of luck!