Payment for No Show

Dear Air/ Madam, 

I want know to know when I can have access to charge if the quest not cancell and don,t come to hotel pn time.

Best regs



Hi Peter 


That sounds as though, you need to :

  1. Open reservation and mark as no show.  
  2. Depending on how you setup Getting Paid, I take from above you have in the Reservation Details a Booking.com issued Virtual CreditCard. .  
  3. Typically the VCC info is hidden until at least day 2, i.e. after the check-in date.  
  4. then using a payment provider service such as umup.com, payrexx.com , stripe.com. with an ePOS, POS, Virtual Temrinal you send the guest a link to prepay, or they phone you with their CC or you charge the Bookking VCC info.


If you are still finding it hard to understand all that  might I suggest you phone or message BdC support Team, via this guide:

Contact BdC- Location of Partner Only Phone number and Message methods



Kind Regards,

slain go foil (bye for now)

BrookAve, Ireland