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payment not received

Hi All

I am not sure if other people had the same issue.

I have 2 properties listed with I receive 1 property's guest payment, but not the other. I suppose to receive by 15th Feb for Jan payment. Now is 20th Feb. 

I have raised with customer service, finance department, called and emailed at least 10 times, but still got nothing.

Right now owes me over $1000. I have to decide close my property and cut loss. Just wondering if anyone else had the same issue and if this could be fixed?

I am really disappointed, seems like no one from head office cares about us. Every time I call or message, the call center staff is nice, but can't help anything. The message need to wait for few days to get a reply, but the reply information is not helpful at all. I waited for few days, I don't want to see something like "can you please check your account again". I am checking every day, I would like to see something like "we transferred xx amount on xx day to xx account, here is the screen print" etc. Do you guys agree?

Just hope someone can help if you ever experienced this.

Thank you all 

Aaltje B.

You are not alone, Springhillxjx

Open an Airbnb account or with another platform in case, things don't get solved quickly. is working on the problem, as far as I know, you can find more complaints in the search area within if you type no payments received.

I find that BDC has to be more transparent about what happened and why things went wrong.

Anyway, whatever you do, don't stop hosting.

Keep asking BDC the questions, and hold them accountable, if they are the reason for not paying you.

Don't hold me accountable, I am only a host, like you :)

Keep up your smile

Many greetings,

Aaltje B. New Zealand.

Ritchie Basilio

This is my first time to received transient in yes we are in the same boat. I was not paid by bookings until this time and it really irritates me. I was surprise also before I list my property there were many hotels in out city was registered and later it has only two remain including me. I message them but they dont reply. My first time and my worse experience it is better to do business in Airbnb that is the legit company

Bookings Myswe…

Haven't received ours, too. Hope to hear from you BDC guys, soon! We need our money to run our business. Don't do this to us!

Aaltje B.

Ritchie Basilio and Bookings Mysweetprivacy :

It is not good that you haven't got paid yet.

Keep all the proof and keep requesting for your money through all manners possible within Bookingdc extranet, through Inbox, home/contact phone writing.

Don't give up hosting.

There are more platforms around like Airbnb that works worldwide. People pay at booking, and you receive the money after a few days after guests leave. I never had one problem there.

Don't give up trying to get your money back!

Happy Hosting,


Aaltje B.


I am in the Southern Calufornia market and my payout is a mystery as well. I am looking for a number to call, please assist

Aaltje B.

Hi Laurenmichaelsinc

There should be a contact number given in the home page via your extranet.

Try that.

It has to be sorted asap.

Wishing you the best,


Aaltje B.


I feel sad that more people not receiving payment.

I know BDC has some areas are doing really well, actually when I talk to customer service, they are very nice ( but can't help me-- as they may just be call centre but doesn't have authorities to do anything). It's very disappointing that service for partners are not aligned with the payment. Imagine all over the world, everyone is paying BDC and BDC hold payment until 1 months after check in, what size is that fund pool!

Clearly airbnb is doing better on this. If I accept the fees (commissions) BDC is charging, surly I expect my money to be received at agreed time right?

I think we should go on social media to let more people know this. For guests it's a risk too, if host can't receive money, they will cancel on guest right ? So you don't know who is holding the money you paid.

Dinah McAlees

I sm still waiting for six payments from January.  I am now taking booking,com to court.  

Sian Morgan


Did any of you manage to finally get your payments from BDC? I’m in the same boat. No one from the finance team is getting back to me. 

Julie Gallagher

I have good news for all of you.  I finally received an answer as to why my last large payment did not show up in my bank account.  I called and called and called and I was always told that Finance was working on it.  I finally demanded to talk to someone in Finance and he promised he'd find out.  I told him if not, I'd continue to call daily (I had called 12 days in a row).  Today I finally got an answer by message. The problem was on my end.  My bank had declined to accept the payment.  BDC did not give me the reason since they did not know why but I went to the bank and discovered the bank had declined the payment since the name on the payment from BDC (my name)  did not match up with the name on my account (company).  All  previous payments for 2 years had gone through this way until now!   I inquired at the bank and at first i was told that the bank had never received nor declined any payments.  They dug further into foreign declined transactions and found that it had been declined due to the name.  So, try to find out the reason if you can from BDC and then you'll have to dig deeper at your bank.  I only knew that the payment had been declined and then I had to dig more from the bank to find out why.  I was fortunate to be at the same location as my rental so I could do this in person at the local bank. I quickly changed the finance information with BDC.  We often check numbers but forget to check names.  Good luck to all of you and please, be persistent and demand reasons. Don't accept, "We're working on it". 

Fesal Nasir

which number did you call? I am overseas, how will i call? If i have to call 12 days in a row i'll end up paying for international calls too.