Payment not received but got the remittance and invoice attached to my profile

Gooday all

I got a remittance advice and Booking.com invoice, but on the remittance it doesn't say when payment will be made or if its already done.


And can't hold of anyone on Booking,com, when I send messages no one replies.

Please assist and advice what to do in order to get payment.


I assume you activated "Payments By Booking.com" (Getting paid).


"You will receive a bank transfer four times a month. After your guest checks out, you'll be paid by bank transfer within 10 working days. If you’d like to learn more about Payments by Booking.com, you’ll find a host of helpful resources including FAQs and tutorial videos in the Partner Help Centre." 


Or once a month, depends which feature you opted for.


To see your status, go to:

Extranet -> Finance -> Getting paid

Vuyo Mvunyiswa

Hi Pibomarco

Which date is it I'm asking incase my payment gets blocked as I read other people's posts talking about their payment being blocked by their banks.





For February you should receive payment around 15.3. (if you activated "Payments by Booking.com").