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Payment online

Hi all


New to BCC and just had my first payment online. Bit confused if I need to activate anything with the guests credit card details or does it mean the guest has paid and I will receive the payment via BCC in due course.



Aaltje B.

Look at your settings Johngardham. Do they allow for guests to pay at the time of booking with their credit card, or do you want them to pay at arrival? There are many ways and also depending on your country.

Some people think they have paid at the time of booking, but in fact BDC has taken their details but not taken the money off.

So one could easily be confused about this.

Sometimes people book through with different OTA's and when they travel they can't remember what kind of payment is for what kind of OTA.

So I have seen people wanting to pay when all was paid already and the other way round. Tricky hey!

Wishing you lots of honest guests.


Aaltje B.