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payment options

Hi I am new to,

As far as I understand it my settings are set so that payment can be paid online or directly to myself on departure.

When I look at the booking confirmation I don't find it very clear.

It either doesnt seem to state anything or states paid online.. (so I guess if it doesnt state paid online they need to pay for it directly).. but I dont want to presume.. I'd rather know for sure than ask for payment if I shouldnt be.

Also, some say 'virtual credit card' ??? as payment

Is this payment taken directly via or do I need to take it directly ?


Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance

Isle of Wight …

ask BDC to set up Payments by and set all your calendar rates to Non Refundable - guests will then make payment in the same way as on AirBnB or other booking channels

Don't mess about with cash or virtual cards etc as these often lead to guests not showing up and you having no money