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my name is Maria and I am a new host. Regarding payments,

1. I would like to have prepayment only, but the system doesn't let me. How can I change it?

2. I would like the payments to be online and not cash or via pos, because the apartment has self check in and noone is there to meet the guests. How can I select that?

3. My cancellation policy is 'The guest will be charged the total price of the reservation if they cancel in the 30 days before arrival'. So, if I have a booking, for example, in 15 days, and the guest cancels in 10 days, how will he/she pay me full refund (total price) if there is no prepayment? How will I receive the money??

Please reply to the above in order to help me organise my profile in my needs.



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BrookAve 2 years ago




  1. Simply go to Finance Menu and i think it is under Getting Paid you choose to apply for Payments by Booking.  
  2. Under Property menu > policies, scroll to the bottom once Payments by Booking enabled. Alot of the policies options in here will apply for prepayment   
  3. no prepayment and no one turns up , = zero payment.


Note: if the system or a canned response is sent to you to say you do not qualify for Payments by Booking, reply or send message to BdC support saying  you will go to the competition if they cannot accomodate you, as you need Payments By Booking. in order to operate.



I use it and very glad of it.


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