Payment Rejection

I have received the following information via email from Booking.com

"The payment for the payable balance of ID 4004660 to the account **************6050 has been rejected by the bank for the reason as below.
200718841120181000 - /00000002/Level 2 Reject: "Please enter the Beneficiary Bank Routing Code.&quot
Please review the rejection reason above and the adjust your details on Extranet - Finance Tab - Bank Details / Invoicing details.
For further information regarding bank details please contact your bank.
Kindly note that we will only process a new payment after your details are corrected."

Can anyone explain coz I still haven't received anything from booking.com

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I guess you'd better check the bank details you have given BDC. Their payment to you is being bounced back because a fine detail in the Bank information is wrong.

Don't just check it yourself, recheck with your bank that EVERYTHING is correct and get them to explain the rejected payment.

1 year ago

hello, did you fix that problem? Also ı have same problem. Everything is correct about my bank details. But ı cant receive any payment. They dont help me about it

1 year ago