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My name is AZMIR from Malaysia. I currently received an email from in regard to my first payment. It written as follow:

Payment Currency MYR is not supported for payment type TT

What should i do then? I'm engage with Airbnb and Agoda, seems that they dont have any issues in regard to payment transfer into my account. 

Please give me an advice.


Thank you



Lemon Suites

Hi, Im a host from Malaysia and I received an email to today stating the same issue about not able to pay in MYR. 

I tried calling all the published numbers in Malaysia from Finance to General line but my calla were rejected automatically.

The country telecommunications provider TM informed me that none of Booking.Com phone numbers were ever listed with them. Basically all the numbers are not in existence.

I find it ridiculous and to the point suspecting fraudulent practice by this company.