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1st: Where are my guests paying for their stay, and what amount are they paying, is it that number that says Total price reservation?

2nd: How do I pay for Booking commision, do I get money from them and then later on I pay Booking up online?

3rd: Can guests pay cash directly to me, and do I take that city tax from them also?

And what if I can not contact them before they come, I've send them messages but nothing.

Community Admin

Dear Aleksandar Ivanović! Thanks for posting in the Community!


All the information regarding your current payment method you can find in your Extranet: please go to "Property" tab, select "Policies" and scroll down to "Guests payment options" section.


The information regarding payment for a specific reservation you can find in "Reservations" tab: simply click on the guests name or reservation number to open the Reservation details page.


Best regards! 

M Adamopoulou

Hi! aleksandar and welcome to the Partner Community.

In your search button which is  in this page in the top on your right hand side... you can find answers to your questions and many more....