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I am absolutely at the end of my tether and need help. I wasn't paid for October bookings. I sent 8 emails which weren't replied to. I called many times but customer service can't help and Finance don't answer the phone or respond to messages. On Sat 30th I received an email saying they were paying me money for 1st-30th Oct but the Payment Summary on the Extranet is for November, not October and the payment failed anyway due to insufficient funds. I can't get through to anyone, there is no-one to complain to and they have basically stolen money from me. Does anyone know if there is a way of complaining? I am going to have to delist my property today, which is very sad but I can't keep taking bookings and not getting paid. 




AS long as you have used the Inbox > Booking > See contact options and sent a message with the right topic and details a case get s logged for it ,for Finance.


since you have already rang the phone number in the message center dialog where you send the message  (on the right), thats really all you can do for now , and just wait, but reply to the message weekly .


I would suggest instead of delist just use snooze under Property > General Info.


complaint - its on bottom of every page - Submit a complaint

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