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Payments in Albania

How can I charge my guests with the credit card details in Albania?

Aaltje B.

Ask your bank Ejona Vishkurti for a device that is connected to your cell-phone. It is called fast pay in New Zealand. I don't know if your country has them. I can receive payment for anything from anyone with a credit card.

Can Albanian people reply if you have this as well or explain how it works for you,please.

I work with a channel manager since guests come in via different OTA's.

He has set up a system that I can open on my laptop. I walk out to the property around the corner so they can put their details in. / or with the device as described earlier.

It is a lot easier than having to invite them in your house to pay on your computer.

Hope this helps,

Have a nice weekend,


Aaltje B.

Thuild - Your …

Dear Ejona,

You most certainly need a POS from a bank or an online payment processor.

Without those you cannot charge the cards.

Other than that, do you have access to their card information already or you want to have access to this? Asking, because BDC has a certain procedure to give you such access.

Hope that clarifies it,

Zsolt - Thuild Group