Payments and refunds


Recently i have discovered that you can create a non-refundable rate plan and so i did, i set the free cancellation period to 8 weeks before arrival. So recently i had a case of No Show and i charged the customer because he held my apartment for 12 days. But the payment from that has not been refunded, i added the bank details but still nothing worked. 

I also tried to add as a paymemt method credit card and booking responded to me that if it does not appear on the financial overview then you're not eligible but it does not appear at all and I'm sure it will never do so. I would like to have as payout method on the listing a credit card because it facilitates my work very much and to have a more detailed information on the cancellation and no show refunds.

Aaltje B.

Hi Arian


Has your guest booked the non refundable stay  8 weeks before arrival? Otherwise, double check with the finance team.


The payment method:  Could people pay through a device by credit card at your house / apartment?  That would be another possibility. 

I don't know why it wouldn't appear on the financial overview, 

I know by experience that there are many exceptions when it comes to refunds. Often the guest wins. 

Double check the fine print... Hope you can get a refund still. 



Aaltje B.