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Payments and related issues

I have been renting out some assets over competitors and regulars for a few years now.

A few months ago I tried, despite the existing bad reviews and I am not happy.

Currently I do not receive my money transferred for a longer booking. I seem to be not the only one with this at the moment. This is unacceptable.

1. operates on different pages with information about so-called "due dates". Even after these so-called "due dates" my money should have been transferred to me long ago.

2. does not seem to notice that they collect other people's money and have to pass it on immediately. Every competitor does the same. Booking is only an agent. As also emphasizes again and again. is not a contractual partner between landlord/hotel and guest. receives a handsome commission and takes it immediately from collected outside money (my money).This is acceptable as far as it concerns the service for the agent and the payment transactions.

3. collected external money is to be treated as fiduciary. Is there evidence of this?

Are the third party funds protected from insolvency and creditors of

I ask for information, and also for the immediate return of the funds already transferred to me by my contractual partner in November.



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BrookAve 1 year ago


Nothing we (partners) can do about finances,  you have to talk to BdC directly 

Best of luck getting it sorted.


Support will never see posts on partner hub, hence why you must contact them directly 


Merry xmas