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Payments from Booking - always late

I'm using a service with Booking where they collect payment and are supposed to pay me by the 15th of the following month. However, they are almost always SO late (once over a month late) with their payments. I'm a small business owner and, especially in wintertime, this has had a really negative impact on my cashflow and in some cases relationships with my creditors. Has anyone else had a similar issue with them? Is this service just completely unusable or does Booking have a particular problem with me? How on earth can it take them months to "process transactions" for a tiny little guesthouse over a 30 day period? And to have this happen repeatedly? To add insult to injury, they could care less about being in breach of contract when I contact them. If I get a reply, it's a few days later and it's always the same "we will look into it" or "we are investigating". No explanation, no apology, no phone call...and usually, and of course most importantly, no payment.

When I have called them on the phone, they tell me they will email the accounting department. And get really ticked off when I tell them I've already done that, like "Why are you calling then?"

This is hugely frustrating!



Hi Aldis,


1. It is NOT and has NEVER been BY the 15th. 2. monitor it via Finance menu, overview and invoices to see whats happening.


otherwise message the m, se Finance > Overview for details.



Kind REgards

Aldís Coquillon

Hi Barry, As you can see from the below screenshot, it most certainly is BY the 15th.  Secondly, I do monitor it. It says "processing" for weeks on end - while nothing is happening. And if you read my message, you would see that I have been attempting to message for details and none are provided to me. Screen shot from

  • There is a detailed article on here somewhere that states, By the 15th the bank transfer process will start, that is all it actually means.  
  • It also goes on to say allow up to 10 days for it to arrive.  
  • That is what I was referring to  
  • The How It works is only a high-level short undetailed view of the process. The key words to pay attention to in that How It works , is " we'll send you'" and not "it will be in"

If there is one thing to learn about how things are worded on here it takes at least 3 passes to absorb the correct context. I also know this due to my own experiences of it and when the payment sent status actually starts.


Kind Regards PS: I could have just left you hanging and continue to think the wrong thing , instead I tried to demystify it for you.




Aldís Coquillon

Hi Barry.

Thank you kindly. I still find this issue hugely frustrating and no other platform takes nearly so long to provide their partners with payment. When they say they will send it on the 15th, I expect them to send it on the 15th. It then takes 1 - 3 days for an international transfer. And I'd be fine with it if they actually sent their payment through on the 15th - even if I received it a few days after that.

But the fact that I never know when they will pay, they give me no answers and have been over a month late before - the cashflow issue is a problem but what is even more disappointing is the lack of response.