Payments by Booking.com


I'm an experienced OTA user and of course use booking.com.

I want to take a moment to discuss payments by booking.com

I don't understand how they have to take such a simple process and made it so convoluted.  

Every other major OTA seems to be able to handle their payments with little to no problems but when it comes to booking.com it is such a headache for the following reasons:

1. They accumulate reservation payments and deliver them once per month, which straight away sets you up for some annoying backtracking of reservations and bank statements.
2. They offset against invoices for reservations that have nothing to do with the reservations you are being paid for, this is just insanely stupid, talk about over complicating something.
3. The references in the bank statement to booking.com are an enigma, they really don't make it easy to verify payments based on your bank statement.
4. Booking,com regularly make mistakes with what they are meant to pay you, meaning you can't trust their figures and so have to spend the time to painstakingly go over everything they do, and when it's time to claim back money from them due to their mistake, it can literally take up to a year of going back and forth with them. 

Every other OTA seems to be able to handle payments and make the whole process simple, why does booking.com struggle so badly with this?

Each time I have to inspect a booking.com payment, it's like they want me to solve a puzzle. 

How did booking.com get this process so wrong, when every other OTA got it right? 


I think this depends a lot on which OTA you start with. That tends to define your later experiences.

In my experience they ALL make the odd mistake here and there, it's only human after all.

I personally dislike the system Expedia use.


I have switched off the payment by booking.com, is there any way or someone can help me how to get switch it on again, I had a serious problem with a fraudulent credit card. Thank you in advance.