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Payments by

Several times Have advised that I am not satisfied with the slow system of payment of guests money to me.

The payment arrived a long time after the guests departure

This is not acceptable.

I wish to be paid when the guest pays they cannot agree to this then we shall cancel and use Airbnb who pay on guests arrival ALWAYS.

Furthermore they are not able to pay my Revolut card in London

Expedia yesterday also offer their services but also wish to pay after guest departs.


Euan Armstrong  ***


Unfortunately that is the terms that they offer.  All the booking companies I have used pay after departure, although Expedia and Airbnb do pay quicker.  But the majority of my business comes from so need to keep going with them.  It is cheaper than me trying to do an electronic payment system of my own. As far as I know don't take the money from the customer at time of booking just card details.  But that probably depends on terms at the accommodation.  When I travel I don't usually pay until I check in.

Euan Armstrong

Well after due consideration I have decided to leave   The payment system is useless and to think how much money holds from guests makes it a very rich company but susceptible to financial disasters as happened to Thomas Cook and Monarch Airlines.   Where would we property owners be left if could not pay their villas, apartments, etc???

Why cannot credit Revolut Bank in London also is unbelievable

So its Goodbye to Expedia and

Euan Armstrong.     ***