Payments by Booking.com

I am having trouble matching payments to my Bank with reservations. I have called about this but i get no call back. I believe each booking should be a separate payment as it is with Airbnb and Homeaway. In the past there has even been commissions from other bookings not taken out of the matching payments. With my Apartments being in my Superfund this makes it extremely difficult as Superfunds have to be strictly Audited each year. I have now had to cancel Payments by Booking.com because of this.




Extranet, invoices, shows a break down.

Once you see it there you can re enable payments.


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Why do you not phone me to take me though this as i have asked?

You are also asking me to pay extra $$$ that you apparently forgot to add on? I keep saying " I cannot pay it unless you give me an invoice with each booking/person and how much their amount.

I have payments from you i cannot match with bookings I ask, am told someone from finance will call. No one calls.



Actually that was not the BdC support team ,

that would have been the Communities Team ,

which is not the same. and do not provide that level of support.


They will simply point you to topics on here and then if needed to cal lthe support team.



PS: you do actually know and realise you are speaking to another partner right? 


So the ' why do you not phone me' was to a partner and not BdC support team.  

They do not monitor this site, only partners and the community moderator, and sometimes community manager.


Its important you learn and recognise the distinction.


For security reasons it will always be on you to initiate contact to the support team via phone or message , never the other way around.


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Aaltje B.


I am sure if you can give a breakdown of each bookers' receipt your qccountant will accept.

But it is definitly more work for the owner.

I have to do the same manually. 

But you could request the BDC team to rearrange this feature same as Air bnb etc . 

Wishing you many great guests .


Greetings Aaltje B.