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Payments by in the U.S.

I've been using their payment service all year without a hitch and recently (August) my new reservations are missing the 'payment status' section in the confirmation which is where the 'charge' button appears in order to charge the guest their deposit and then their balance due upon check in - I've no idea how I'm supposed to collect payment without that 'charge' button!  Also, is anyone else reading this in the U.S. that doesn't take credit cards using their payment service and if so, how do you set your 'Guest Payment Options' under the policies tab (the choice is cash only or credit card)?  I'm waiting to hear back from Booking but figured I'd throw this on the forum since it may take a while to get a response from headquarters :)

Thank you in advance!

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Laura, Communi…

Hi there, thanks for your post!

If you've been able to resolve this, could you please share your experience with us? Other community members may have a similar question. :)

- Laura

1 year ago

Resolved! Customer support took care of it and said it was a problem with the system but honestly they may have been being too kind! I noticed that under payment policies it now says that I accept credit cards and I very possibly had changed that to accepting only cash - though I'm not sure. So it was either a user error (me) or a system error (Booking). I'll still have to handle collecting payment from those recent reservations unfortunately, but going forward new reservations should be back on the Payment by Booking system (but I haven't received any new bookings to confirm this)


1 year ago