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Payments of invoices from


There is an issue about payment of the last invoice over the month of November 2019.

I Always pay in time. But now see this, MANY times I went to tthe wellknown procedure to pay this invoice with my creditcard, BUT at the end I get the message PAYMENT refused, actually as follows;

Finance-Invoice payment Result. The payment status for invoice(s) ***: REFUSED.

For me very strange to understand this. And already during 4 weeks and about 10 attemps to pay I give all the feedback possible tio and also I phoned them about all of this, but NO answer from booking, but YES louder and louder their message like; we attended to you many times that you did not pay etc. etc. A stupid situation actually, it is clear to me that booking installs all kind of automatic tools but in a real case nobody looks after you. So now I try this.

Hope this will be solved quickly.

Best regards: Jan Wanrooij

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pibomarco 2 years ago

Send payment via bank transfer? Try another card perhaps.