Payments like it’s 1999

I have a booking from 29dec to 4th jan and the payment is expected after the 15th February. in an age where direct and immediate payments are the expectation, especially given the myriad of options for managing your business and making payments globally, this seems to be a choice rather than a limitation and I find that quite concerning given we are the owners of the properties not the other way around. I’ve just joined your platform but this is absolutely a deal breaker for me. I’d like to ask whether payments is a priority and if so then when will it be sorted out? Or perhaps I’ve just not been able to find the right setting? Thanks Melissa

Leandri Klopper

HI Melissa Elise,

I see replies haven't really come in on your post.

Have you since played with the settings and policies to see if you could find a good alternative method?

Best of luck.