How to make sure that the payout method is verified ?, cause I have lots of bookings, the guest paid online but i receive nothing and still mot sure that i will receive anything

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Aaltje B.


Did you contact the Booking dot Com team in your country via the extra net of this website.

Or the finance team? 

Try via inbox and message / urgent  if needed.


I hope you have got your problem sorted. 




23 days ago
M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

What are your payment policies???

If you have selected payments by Booking.com...then your payments are safe...

Wish you all the best.


22 days ago
Community Admin

Dear Youssef Fathi Abdelhamid! Thanks for posting in the Community!


You can check your current payment method under "Property" tab - "Policies" - scroll down to the section "Guests payment options".


If you would like to verify a payment status for a specific reservation, please go to "Reservations" tab, select guests check-in dates and verify the section "Status". If the guest paid online in the Status section you will see "Paid online".


Best regards!

20 days ago