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we seem to have been ignored somewhat by

bank details have been input on extranet and we had out first booking... but no payout received.  we are new to but our airbnb payments hit within days... been waiting over 2 weeks for these guys to pay out.


email has been ignored... why do they get to keep payment?  we’re not talking a huge amount of money here, but doesnt instill confidence in the company for future bookings



Hi Peter J


  1. Consider the back log of messages they have.
  2. how exactly did you setup payments? Payments by BdC? direct with client, BdC issued VCCs etc..
  3. Review the finance menu, invoices, resverations to see what is actually showing as cancelled, processing etc.

That then will likely show if anything is due to be paid out.


Also check what frequency you set for Payments by BdC, monthly or by period.


Kind Regards