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Penalised for technical issue


This is my first post on here, so please excuse my ignorance.

I'm with and Airbnb for my cottage and the 2 calendars are synced so I don't have to worry about updating them, or so I thought.

It turns out they only sinc once or twice a day and not instantaneously as I originally thought.

I noticed they weren't very quick to update themselves, so I started doing it manually.

My issue was a booking in April. I received a booking through Airbnb and I immediately opened the app to update their calendar when a booking for the same weekend popped up. I made the mistake of cancelling the one because I thought it fair that the Airbnb one came in first, but have penalised me by charging me the £200 the guest paid for a new booking.

I fully understand the policy that I have agreed to refund the guest but as this was literally seconds from the booking on Airbnb arriving to me closing their app and opening the app when the new booking arrived. I was unable to block out the dates quick enough.

Is there anyone I can speak to within who is willing to discuss the calendar sync speed so that we are not penalised when its impossible to update the calendars that quickly?

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It does seem unfair but also think of the extra server power needed for channel managers and OTA sites to work in real time for many thousands of properties, across formats.

There should be a phone number listed in the messaging section of extranet or failing that message the finance department. You can only appeal to them as you have detailed above.

If it happens again relocate the guest yourself. This gives you the option to hopefully not make a loss on the deal or even a small profit if you find a cheaper equivalent. You can also message the guest and ask them to cancel, if you have an always-charge policy you can in return waive the charge to the guest.

1 month ago

Maybe a leeway of 15 minutes could be applied after each booking to allow a cancellation for this exact scenario.
If the technology isn’t available to sync instantly then allowing time to manually update the calendar is much fairer than financially penalising someone because the technology is too slow.

1 month ago

Does the company see these and can they do anything about this?

1 month ago