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people leave earlyer

Hi people

Beeing new here and still strugling.

A guest had booked three nights, but decided to leave after two nights. HOw can I comunicate this with booking?? because the commission I paid for three days.

Thxs 4 yr help


Dear Thomas,

Good evening log into your extranet and look for the guest details on the booking. Click update reservation details and prices. You will then have a option to change the dates and the price the guest paid and your commisson will be for two days not three days.

l hope this helps.

Thank you

Peter Robinson

Isle of Wight …

If a guest has booked for 3 nights but leaves early, you probably don't have an opportunity to sell that last night again as they are leaving on the morning of that 3rd night.

We use Payments by - guests pay at the time of booking. We also set it to "non-refundable". If a guest doesn't show, or if they wish to leave early, we still get paid. That is the only way to protect ourselves with BDC.