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Pet Fee

Is there a way to post how much our Pet fee costs?

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Hi Jess,

Great question! You’re not the first to ask, so we’ve created this Partner Help article to walk you through it.

Good luck with everything,

1 year ago
Nfiser Fiser

Dear Carol, yes it is fine that we put a note in the policie about pet fees. Might be in a subsequent release to include in pricing the pet fee. I need a one time pet fee to be added to the price at booking if the guest opt in to bring pets. Example: besides number of children there is a box to tick animals/pets. If customer clicks in than a one time surcharge of pet fee is added to the booking price. Many bookers search for pet enabled amenities, so suck tick boksz in the filter already does exist:) I hope you can manage to implement the automatic price tag if you find this suggestion useful:):) Many thx

8 months ago

I agree! There should be a way for us to charge the pet fee automatically when the guest books. exactly as Nfiser stated, it can just be as simple as something the guest checks and then it calculates in their payment. That way we dont have the fuss of charging the pet fee separately. Because yes, we can set the policy of pet friendly, yet I have yet to see an easy way we can charge them the pet fee via booking platform. Maybe I am missing something? Thanks!

8 months ago