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Portugal Finance Department

Good Morning!

I have been a Partner of this magnificent Platform since May 2018.

Since the beginning I have the greatest compliments to make, from the interface of the Platform to its evolution over time. Also on the Partner support line, I recognize a Service of excellence, with Professionals trained to support this very important area of ​​business for our country. At the moment, I am indignant, a little stunned by the behavior of the Finance Department, which is capable of undermining the confidence I have in it so far.

What happens is the following:

In this time of pandemic, reserves are low and those that exist are a celebration more intense than normal. I had a reservation in December 2020. A single one. I waited for the due payment until January 12th with the proper bank transfer.

It turns out that today is January 23 and the transfer does not happen. But worse is the fact that no justification is given by Booking (Finance Department) on this matter. They don't answer the phone, despite the number on the platform. They do not respond to messages, although they say they respond in two days.

The only channel I can communicate with is the Partner support channel, which informs me that it does not understand the situation, that it will report to the finance department, that there was a remodeling of that department, in short, that said department is the "worst" (words an assistant) in how to deal with problems ... Although I hope that my problem will be solved in the short term, I am already anxious enough to write this text. I share to know if it only happens to me or others are also in the same situation.

Thanks for listening. Nélio Perneta

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Madeira Sereni… 1 year ago

Thank You! I used the intranet to contact the Finance Department and nothing happens, no answers for messages, no answers for phone calls. 

Is there any phone number available from the booking headquarter that I can expose my situation? 

Thank you again.