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Possible Scam-Guest Insisted to Pay in advance by Credit Card

Received booking yesterday evening.  Booker insisted on paying in advance for his clients.  Credit Card payment went thru.  Received cancellation notice this morning and now expecting to be contacted by booker for a refund.   Not sure how to reverse a credit card transaction that has already gone thru.

I suspect fraud of some type/perhaps stolen credit card to see if it worked.  



Hi John


Not sure why you think thats a scam, as it wouldnt be very clever of them ,there is no gain.


You would need to follow the Payment Service Provider guide on How To refund.

Are you handling it directly with a pay service or device?


Assuming its a non refundable booking, then until they contact you for a refund, just hold fire and wait and see what happens next



Kind Regards







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    how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox