Pre-Authorization Preferences

I received an email from Booking.com to Go to Property>Policies and “scroll down to Pre-Authorization Preferences”.  Nowhere on my screen do I see this.  I currently am only able to accept cash/PayPal so I’m thinking maybe that’s why?

I don’t accept credit cards at the point of sale because I am not there, it is a rental house managed over the internet so I need to accept payment on-line.

Can anyone help?

David Cheishvili

Exactly the same issue. there is no pre-authorization preferences.. I switched to "accept credit card" and refreshed the window but nothing happened.


David Cheishvili

Here is an answer that i found in another thread:

"My support team explained to me that this is a general e-mail send to all hosts and does not apply to all of us, so if you do not have pre-authorization payments just ingnore it.

Hope that helps you..."




Hi Linda, 


It really depends on what you are asking and mean.

Do you want to lower the risk of last minute ,and guest cancelling with nothing prepaid.


Normally you wouldnt pre charge a card or VCC. It was recently updated that if BdC issue a VCC for a reservation you can only charge as early as day 2 after check in.


A better option is the Payments by Booking, and enable prepay. this will stop a lot of messers, and  lower risk, and stress.


Kind Regards

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