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Preferred partners programme

About preferred partner program, what's the commission? Will 100% or only part of the additional commission be refunded?

In your letter and in home page there are two different chance


Uma Kuup

Colleen Accoun…




Thanks for your post! 


Preferred is an exclusive program to boost your visibility to our top 30% of partners. 


For a small increase in commission (can differ per country) you will see a boost in visibility with special "thumbs up" tagging. We've seen properties that have joined receive on average 65% more page views and and average of 40% more bookings. Click here to see if you are eligible to join.


If you are referring to the Partner Performance Investment Programme, please reach out to your local support team via your Extranet Inbox, as this is only available in certain countries at this stage.


Hope this has helped with your query!


Kind Regards,