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Prepayment - Invoice

Hello Booking.comers,


I recently joined, there is a checkin on today's date which made so confused about getting the payment, I have non refundable and prepayment enabled but I didn't get paid for the booking and customer care team has told something about invoice which I didn't understand clearly.


I will be thankful if you guys help me with following up with basic things to get paid, like how to generate invoice and what action I should take in reservation tab etc. my financial payment mode is bank transfer with, please help me continue the business without much headache.

I don't know how the invoice and payment system works, also when a guest book it doesn't ask for cvc code.

Thank you.


Welcome and congrats on your first guest!

You will get paid by the 15th of the following month when handle your guest payments and it will be paid directly into your account.

There is a whole FAQ on payments available here and suggest you go through it: