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Prepayment not working - can't see CC info

I have set our policies for our free cancellation up to 48 hours before check in.  After that we should be charging a pre-payment of the first night stay plus tax.  I have set this over and over and it says it "saved" it but never changes.  

We have no access to CC info for charging a guest and it does not come over with the reservation in our Cloudbeds system.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions  
  2. How does Force Majeure affect the Virtual Credit Card (VCC) process? Will there be additional changes to the process now that FM has ended?


At this time, we are not planning to review the VCC date change for reservations made on or after Force Majeure ended (6 April 2020).

The activation date for all outstanding and future VCCs will remain at one day after check-in. More information about this change can be found in this article.