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Price confusion


I have just recieved a booking for September in the hope that we will be able to receive guest by then.  The price per night is £90 despite our new prices of £100 being shown on the site.  How can I put this right before we recieve another booking?


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It looks as if you have one of the pricing discounts on offer.  Have you joined the Genius program or have a discount Promotion set or Country rate discount?  You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to look at your setup to check this out.

6 months ago
Bridget Macaire

Thank you for such a prompt reply.  I will check out all your suggestions immediately.

6 months ago


Hi Bridget Macaire


The quickest place to review is the :


Calendar in List View,   

Expand the left column to show all rate plans and their extended fields (min stay etc)


Note there are extra hidden extended fields you may want to leverage later on . simply message BdC support "Request to activate all hidden extended fields in Calendar such as max stay"


On the Calendar View at a glance you can go to those same dates and other future dates to preview the base offer etc.


It will also show any sub offers like Promotions you may have turned on for :


Last Minute bookings 

Early Bird etc.



Bear i mind some 'opportunities' stacks with Genius programme (- 10%)and also with the Mobile Rate  (- 10%)  

Under Genius Programme there is also a Dynamic rate feature.



Side Note : Only one Room/ Room type has to be active on the Genius programme.

So you can have all others as non Genius rooms.  

Kind Regards



6 months ago
Bridget Macaire

Thank you.  that is a really detailed breakdown for me to follow.

6 months ago