Price management

Hi everybody, the price on this site has to be the lowest after the contract with the company. My question is, does it mean the price AFTER  counting the genius offers?  Also the obligatory 10-15 perc. off the basic price. Or is it the general public price which has to match price settings on other channels. Thanks for any answers. T




Hi Timea Husztine


When you set a base per night price you do need to factor in Discounts can stack.


Mobile Users

Genius User Level 1 10

Genius Level 2 15%

Genius Business x%


Commission on the Price to guest after discounts


Also there is dynamic pricing which I think you can turn on/off.


You can also decide if you have multiple rooms listed separately, to only apply a Rate PLan or A Genius Rate to one or more or only one of two for example.



Look Under Opportunities Menu to view this programs and there settings.




Kind Regards


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