I set my rate for standard room is 1390THB and 20%discount promotion. but why there is a booking that come for just 1000.8THB, It should be 1390-20%=1112THB. Booking No.***, My Property ID is ***.

M Adamopoulou


Sometimes BDC promotes properties by offering lower prices paying the difference....

You can always call your local BDC office and ask them to clear this for you.

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Hi Mii Hotel Srinakarin


  • Check if you are enrolled into the Genius Programme?  
  • Check is dynamic pricing under the Genius section enabled.  
  • Prices will differ based on many factors especiaily when several discounts such as Mobile Rate And Genius Rates stack together.  
  • You can see and preview some of these rates by opening Calendar List View then on left column expand every rate plan /promotion to see the cost per date.



 Note: your partner profile is missing the property URL.


I found this as your URL please add it, see guide below.



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