Private house/Deposit charge? Cleaning fee?

I have a private Villa which I rent out in Spain. We had damage in the property during a guest stay and unfortunately found out that the deposit, which we had indicated for 150€,  is not  collected by Booking and  we were  supposed  to  collect  that in cash when guest arrives.  We did not realise that... Is there a way to have Booking  charge that  damage deposit  directly when  guest  makes  reservation?  Also, the same question about  the cleaning fee.  We cannot find where we can charge a cleaning fee?  thanks

Aaltje B.

Hi Rfgmartinez,

Welcome to the forum, and great that you are a host with BDC.

That is not a nice story to start with, damage and then the confusion!

I would contact BDC as soon as you have time, via login to Extranet and to Inbox < Message your question or go to Contact. The sooner you come back to them, the easier it is to solve, since they may still know what has happened. Do you still have the communication / emails that you had? Or did everything go by phone. The trouble about phone is that you do not have proof of what has been said or promised. So writing is more advisable.

This is certainly not an average or normal situation.

Have a read through the search column and see what others are advising. There is lots to discover in the hosting world.

I am not sure how to advice you about the damage done, since i don't know what kind of people are attracted to your unit, what neighbourhood you are in and what price you ask. Do you live nearby?

Have you done a booking.com rental yourself? If not, have a try and see how other people arrange things, and try something similar to your situation just to compare. Nasty surprises or strange situations do happen even after hosting for 11 years, as someone just wrote about. But I believe if you love what you're doing, you will be able to cope, at least for the outside world.

Hope this helps a little, and I surely hope for better guests next time! And hope your reimbursement money will come back.


Aaltje B.