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Problem with fake reservations

I have problem with fake reservations, and i need to make all of them as guests not shown because they are not. So my question is how to prevent that and why people doing this? ***************

Isle of Wight …

This is a very common problem with In short, you need to take payment at the time of booking. just the same as happens with AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway. If you don't, then you have the very high risk of people booking and blocking your calendar and not showing up, which then costs you money. I have posted the solution for taking payments several times this week, and will paste it below again ...

You need to send a message to via your Extranet and ask them to set up Payments by

If they agree, you can go live - be aware that will not collect damage deposits for you like with AirBnB/TripAdvisor etc - I've posted a partial solution for that many times .... may refuse to allow you to take payments via Payments by If so, keep your property closed and just use AirBnB / TripAdvisor / HomeAway instead. But don't give up, keep asking to allow you to take online payments.

M Adamopoulou

Hi! Vladimir and welcome to the Partner Community.

In addition to Isle’s comment I would suggest you create non refundable get less reservations but without the risk of no show.

I had also fake bookings and cancellations but with non refundable rates things got better.

Wish you luck.