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Problem to manage my Property


I have registered my the first Booking Property by name "Apartment Mofardin T&Z" before few months ago.

After that I changed my mobile phone, and now I have no idea how to sign in to manager web page for my property.

There is my old phone number: 385 (0)91 2033 929

There is my old phone number: 385 (0)91 2266 013

I don't know what is my account and correct password.

I use this two email addresses:


Zdravko Mofardin



M Adamopoulou

Dear new Partner welcome.

Sorry to hear about your frustrating situation...

Since this is only a Partner Community where hosts exchange ideas and help each other and your problem cannot be solved by us, I think it’s best that you contact directly.

Wish you luck.


As M Adamopoulou said above, plus....

Can you remember if you set your notifications for email or text?

If email, tap in your user name (the property code you were given when you first signed up, you should have an email with this somewhere) and then click "forgotten password".

You will be emailed a recovery link.

Are there maybe any other Croatian property hosts here to help with local BDC hang on....

Croatia --- Dubrovnik --- +385 20642525

Croatia --- Split --- +385 21672424

Croatia --- Zagreb --- +385 16439292

These were found at

Zdravko Mofardin


Today I have contacted your Call Center (and Customer Support Service) and your colleague solved this problem during the 4-5 minutes. Excellent.

So you can close this my email request.


Zdravko Mofardin





M Adamopoulou

Wow!!! That’s great news!!!

Thanks for feedback and have a nice evening.