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Problem with a reservation and commission

A costumer left a bad review for a reservation that was never made and now I’m getting charged a commission. 

She asked for a reservation twice but always asked for a lower price which I told her I couldn’t offer her through the platform. She asked for free cancellation and I accepted it a few days before the check in date. She never showed up in the check in date or check out date.  After that, we made a personal agreement OUTSIDE of the platform through WhatsApp for her to have a different reservation on different dates. She agreed and showed up on the 31st of August; again, NOT the date that was settled in as she had requested to stay from the 31st of August to the 30th of September.  She got upset as she wanted an additional discount and threatened to leave a bad review on the site if I didn’t comply, knowing, beforehand, that I had already given her a free cancellation. I DID NOT make a reservation through the platform, it had ALREADY BEEN CANCELLED so I DID NOT RECEIVE ANY MONEY for a reservation made through the platform. I don’t understand how it’s possible not only for her to leave a bad review but for booking to collect a commission for a reservation that was previously Cancelled. Again, I have NOT RECEIVED any money through I have responded the customer claims with proof of all the conversations with her which is already in your system. The number of the reservation in question is ***. The only response I got on bookings behalf was an invoice of a commission which should be void for the reasons I have already explained.

Please check the response that was given to the client THOROUGHLY.