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Problems with customer reviews after refunding all the money


*** Diamond Club Apartments Palanga

Dear Team,


We are your partners property ID ***.


We faced a problem with one of our customers.


Our faults:


1) In all city were was a problem with electrcity that is why electricity was gone. That is why customers could not use TV.


2) Because of repair problems from the morning electricity was out everywhere.


We apologized and refunded all the money for them despite the fact that they used all the property with the facilities , beds ,wi fi, water, parking, etc.

We can proove that with bank statements etc.


Nevertheless they still left extremely bad review after getting back all the money.


Can you delete this review , since it is very important for our reputation.


Looking forward for your answer. 


Thank you.


Diamond Club Palanga


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Sharonpowney 2 years ago

You have posted this on the partner forum so we are not able to do this for you.  However, you will find that the will not remove reviews no matter how unfair they are. It is very frustrating. 

Residence Aram… 2 years ago

Dear Colleguee at Diamond Club Prague 

it is very frustrating to receive a bad review from a guest when you did all possible from your side but the only way to save your reputation is to politely reply to this review informing all readers about all you did for resolving the situation .

guests and travelleres knows how to read a review and, believe me, they will  read as well your reply with all efforts you have made for the wellbeing of your matter what he badly wrote. 

take care and wish you  a prosperous season.