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Problems with guest cancellations

We have a strict cancellation policy, so if a guest cancels within seven days of arrival date, the full payment is required. This is set out in our T&C's.Guests pay when they arrive.

The problem arises when a guest wants to cancel for free within the seven day limit and asks for us to change their date of booking. If I change the date for them, they are at liberty to cancel for free, unless I make them pay for the booking up front.

How does anyone combat this? I am not saying that the guests are being dishonest, just protecting my finances!

Regards Numi

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Numi-Solomons your Stonehouse is incredible.

Your question is very difficult to be answered with a yes or a no. I am a newbie so I would very much like to know how other partners with more experience deal with this matter.

Wish you well and please give us feedback...