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I have taken over the admin for Longsands Lodge and need some assistance with your process, specifically around payments as this is the first time I am using your platform.

When a guest makes a booking they pay a deposit, does that come directly to us when they pay or do you hold this?  How do you collect your commission? Do we use your portal to follow the guests up?  If so how would I get their email address ?  If you had a fact sheet or info for me that would be most helpful.  My email in ***

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BrookAve 2 years ago

Hi Longsands Lodge


  1. If you have payments by Booking  enabled , BdC will only connect the rate and extras.  
  2. Deposits are direct with guest , if any. You can cancel a booking if they do not follow your instructions in your first auto message with the deposit instructions, using option 1 when you click on request to cancel.  
  3. Strongly reccomened enabling Prepay and Payments By booking, unless you have a good way of taking prepay already such as a virtual termins service from ,  
  4. Look under extranet > finance to seehow getting paid etc are setup. Also in there is bank info for where you do a IBAN transfer for fees.  
  5. Get familar with the Solitions and Partner help menus above. Also clicking on my name will bring up many guides I have done.  
  6. Guest followup - yes you use the extranet and pulse app to manage everything.  
  7. guest email and phone number must be enabled by you as a requirement if not already done in extranet.  
  8. Fact sheet.... you are literally logged on t othe partner community ,with plenty of getting started guides above in the solutions and partner help menu.  


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Kind regards