property ID *** Grandmilestone Hotel

From past 10 days  iam trying to open my propety its not happening even i have sent all my payment screen shots to booking.com, but why its not confirmed and not released, what is the reason let me know 



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Hi Satish


Are you saying it is closed due to an over due payment?


If not and you only recently registered, then you need to setup Room Types, Rate plans, link them.

Then use the calendar to setup inventory  by dates and any restrictions needed.


Please clarify else phone BdC Support team directly. See guide below.




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Satish Acharya

I had paid almost INR 8410/-  payment details 

1. 3/8/2020- ***/- - UTR No.***

2. 31/10/2020- ***/- - UTR NO.***

3. 10/11/2020- ***- - UTR NO.***

Still now then why my property not open



please do not post any of that and phone BdC Support