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Property not verified after 2 months

Hi All,

I have an issue that after 2 months and 3 guests I haven't received any payments from Booking and they are saying my property is still not verified.

I registered as individual entrepreneur in early February'19, quickly received a verification code by post and my property was online. I started receiving guests, had 3 in total so far. I was expecting to receive the money for month of February before March 22nd, but have not received any money.

After calling the local support team, I found out that my account has not been verified. How is that possible, if I submitted my verification code that I received by post and already had 3 guests? If the property wasn't verified, surely i would not be able to host guests? When i go to ACCOUNT -> SECURITY, it says "Status:

After calling finance department many times, they keep saying that there is nothing they can do, nothing is required from and that i should wait for them to contact me. But its been 2 weeks now, and i heard nothing from them!

Another strange thing is that i received an invoice saying the I should pay booking commission for my first guest! How is that possible if I'm individual entrepreneur, booking handles all my payments, so they should send me money (minus commission) not me sending them money!?

Now i cant host guests any more and i am losing money every day.



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BrookAve 2 years ago


wow that sounds very strange.


try calling the support team again and validate those emails as they could be fake.

Fabio R. 9 months ago

It is happening to me, I have also been closed for more than 1 month and without receiving my money. 1 month calling booking and you tell me I have to wait. This is a shame they keep the money until they feel like it and make a video call, the only thing would be to send all of them to consumer offices so that they have a follow-up of all this

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