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I am a new host and no booking has materialised so far. Have had numerous cancellations but I received an invoice of $40.00 from Booking. Com.

Leandri Klopper

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Oo how is that possible?

Okay what does the invoice say? Because the invoices are normally Very detailed. So it should state on there what it is for. If you not sure where to find those details, log into the extranet and go to Finances -> Invoice.

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Go back into extranet and look up the statement for the invoice in question. That will tell you exactly what the invoice amount covers.

Maybe you missed reporting a no show or maybe BDC have missed a cancellation. If the statement is wrong you "Dispute" the offending entries. The next step is a more detailed form for each booking that is disputed, fill in the necessary there and save it. Finance will then respond to the disputed items.