Rate Change

I accidently changed a guests rate incorrectly on their reservation page. Now it will not let me revert it back to the original price it had. How do I fix it?


For Example:


the guests original room price was 66.69. I changed the rate incorrectly, and now it won't let me revert it back to that rate; stating it cant be lowered.

Aaltje B.

you could write to the guests that you have made a mistake and find a solution together when he or she arrives.

In return, you could do something extra for your guests to make up for it as an apology.

Other then that, I don't know how to change to a lower amount.

I work with a channel manager, and doing the final payment arrangements, I can add or take off amounts of money and write in the open space why the change, very handy!

If you don't like my suggestion, I would contact the help desk, maybe they can mediate with a new booking and deleting the old one?

Good luck.


Aaltje B.


Send a message to the booking.com help team and ask them to do it. I agree with Aaltje if you need to put the price up an apology would be good.