Rate mixing

Since the start of 2020, rate mixing is occurring to all of our bookings.

For example,If a guest books a 4 night mid week stay, they are charged the first night at our higher price and then all subsequent nights at our standard weekly day rate. We are losing £85 to £120 per booking because of this.

It has never happened for the last 2.5 yrs and is something that has only started since January 1st 2020

Bookings that were made up to end of December for 2020 are all at the correct prices, it's a change in the algorithms that is affecting us.

Has anyone else got this problem?

Have you checked the breakdown of a guests reservation to see if you are getting less than you should be?

I've spoken to support agents, but as yet cannot find a solution


Curious to know what was the average cost of previous 4 nights bookings?

Whitewells Far…

For example, a booking for a holiday cottage for four nights should be £107 per night, Booking.com charged them £107 for the first night and only £80 for each subsequent night. For that booking, it loses us £81. Bigger cottages and high season prices will lose even more revenue. Booking.com say they cannot turn off rate mixing and it is up to us to find a way of listing our rates to prevent it happening.

So I have had to temporarily close our cottages until we can find a way round it.

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Dear Whitewells Farm Cottages! Thanks for posting in the Community!


The Rate mixing option is available on Booking.com in order to make sure that your property will be available to guests even if some of the rates are not available for certain dates.


You can use Min/Max stay, Closed on Arrival/Departure restrictions in order to set up the rate mixing in the way that will suite you.


Best regards!

Whitewells Far…

We had minimum stay set and we also set specific check in days, but the booking system ignores them and selects prices from cheaper rates.

Whitewells Far…

Update.. The issue of Rate Mixing has been recognised and we have tried a number of solutions to prevent it happening. Partly it may be caused by the lack of fields to set values in our Channel Manager that is linked to Booking.com. A Support agent has manually set the minimum number of nights for us so we can test the theory...

We have also got a phone call due on next week from the Support team who have been looking at preventing Rate Mixing without shutting it down globally

Watch this space