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Rate & Promotion calculation NOT working as expected.....

HI all,


Just when I thought I finally had everything working as intended. lol


So recently I 've noticed the bookings cost to guest is way below what I had previously calculated in my own spreed sheet based on various factors: number ofnights; genius memebership; BDC commission etc..


Yet some how having a promotion currently of 16% off of 99 then allowing for genius discount, it somehow is reaching as low as 57.14 for the guest....

So using my Amazon Echo, I got it to verifiy my numbers , 99-[10%+16%] = 73.26 and not 57.14.


So then i asked what % of 99 is 57.14, = 57.72% of 99... so how the hell is that possible guest is getting a 57.14 discount??

I truely cant see how this is feasible or mathematically possible given the info they tell us.

My default daily rate is N.R. 99 [non refundable]

Then a 3Night rate NR [-10], then a 5Night NR rates [-16].

Now I looked at the booking and spotted this:  

08 - 09 November

NR 5N E16 PR, 15%off99 Nov 3 to Nov26 (NR 5N E16 PR -15%), genius rate (NR 5N E16 PR -10%), APP Rate on Genius (NR 5N E16 PR -10%)

€ 57.14

So I assume the commas separate the discounts, its Promotion 16% + Genius 10% + App 10% equals 36%.


Right so now whats 36% of 99... = 35.64, therefore the rate applied should be euro 63.36 and not 57.14

Next thing i spotted is reference to my Non refundable 5Night Rate in the reference.... i'm like wth isgoing on here. How can they book one last minute booking and get the 5N rate applied instead ofthe normal NR daily rate of 99euro.


none of this makes any logical sense. I 'm now deactivating this prmotion until I can get some idea as to what is going on.

Note: THe only Promotions I have active for these dates was: 15% for Last minute based on Daily rate of 99NR.

15% off

  • Non-refundable Nightly
  • Last minute

    Bookable 1 hour in advance

  • Minimum stay

    Matched to your chosen rate

  • Double Room with Shared Bathroom
    • Non-refundable Nightly


4 Nov 2019 — 26 Nov 2019

15% off

  • NR 5N E16 PR
  • NR 3N PR
  • Basic deal

  • Double Room with Shared Bathroom
    • NR 5N E16 PR
    • NR 3N E10 PR


4 Nov 2019 - 26 Nov 2019

this is truely weird. any ideas?


Stackable rates!

Genius, Prefered Partner & Mobile App discounts are all stackable with each other and any other discount.


NR 5N E16 PR, 15%off99 Nov 3 to Nov26 (NR 5N E16 PR -15%), genius rate (NR 5N E16 PR -10%), APP Rate on Genius (NR 5N E16 PR -10%)

€ 57.14

Your promo @ 15%, (your layout shows another 15% off), Genius @ -10%, App @ -10%

99 -15% = 84.15, -15% =71.52, -10% = 64.37 -10% = 57.94

From that I would suggest that one of the discounts is not at the percentage you think it is, although only a very small difference on the above calculation. Some countries have a higher Genius rate for example or you may have 2nd level activated.

I personally would drop Mobile App discount immediately, you are listed there without giving an extra discount! Check you don't have two of your own promos running although these shouldn't be stackable with each other...



Yes If those rate discounts were applicable and active.


You missed the part were it's a one night stay yet the rate reference contains '5N' . Which means something is broke as that refers to a 5 nights or more rate.

Despite me setting the bigger discounts to rates 3n and 5n, I suspect something is slowing guest to choose the 5n rate for 1n.

I dont have mobile discount turned on.


With black Friday 40% promo coming up soon I do not want to see, that turning into 40 + more, that would be crazy



Make sure your promos are actually set to a minimum stay and not, something to the effect of "match standard stay" (can't remember the exact wording).

Some of the preset promo types will only allow the "match" setting.

Other than that it sounds like a conversation with BDC, guiding you through the settings to get what you want. I've not known BDC's discount system and promos to go wrong but have experienced problems in the past due to not knowing exactly how it works.

Not that long ago someone posted up a guide promos, stackable, non-stackable etc. but I can't find it in search (as usual).