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Rate of the property


I have a property listed on and the non refundable rate for one night is £103.50, however once the property is booked I can see that the price charged is £100.91. it's not a big difference but doesn't say about additional fees apart from the ones it takes from total booking. 


Can anyone explain why the rates are different.


Thank you.





Yes is common, open the reservation details page.


Scroll down, to the rate payment breakdown.

Here you will see by date booked, the name of the rate, promotion,  discount.


This will be the clue on where you need to tweak values.


On a previous post BdC replied the best offer is always given,  which is still too vague.


Search for 'stacking to see how how and which can stack.


For this your next action is phone partner support.…


Kind regards