Rates of my object are lower than set



I'm not sure what's going on, but I've put rates for my villa in the calendar and they are not being shown correctly to potential guests.

I've had a potential guest ask about booking and the price, and I realized that Booking is showing them lower price than the one I inputted. 


So, if my rate is 730 eur per night, it's showing them it's about 650eur. I don't get it, why is this happening? 


Can you please help? I've checked the rates, there are no weekly discount or anything.


Thank you


Did you try to check your property on Booking.com for these dates to see which rate is shown to you? 


It's about 10% lower rate so it is most likely you have an active promotion such as Genius discount or Mobile rate?

Dragan Vuletin

I've also checked and the rates are lower than they should be. I don't get it. I have no ongoing promotions...

I should be able to see if I have Mobile or Genius disounts, right?